Specialists in first-class Isotank services to the local and international shipping and freight forwarding industries

Handling of Iso Tanks made easier with Antar. Specialized in logistics services  during the docking of the ship, and the transfer of the containers and/or their contents to the silos or directly on the trucks and trains. Antar handles these activities smoothly with our combined experience of over 45 years collectively.

The Isotank Freight & Forwarding specialists.

A wholly-owned Malaysian company, ANTAR Logistics has registered offices in Klang to provide convenience to shippers docking in Port Klang and various ports in Malaysia.


The scope of services undertaken by the company is reflected in its name, being a total logistics provider and those related to this field. Also, ANTAR has the capacity to take on and manage Isotank movements, oversee cross shipment bookings, and provide liquid bulk parcel service’s brokerage.

ANTAR’s Scope of Services

Iso Tank / Flexitank Agents
Customs Brokerage
Freight Booking
Liquid Bulk Terminal
Arrangements & Brokerage

ANTAR Logistics operations cover a wide range of services, which has only been possible by fostering excellent business ties with numerous reputable concerns in commerce and industry, positioning itself as one of the leading logistics providers.

Need a shipment arranged?

ANTAR has the capability to handle even the toughest shipping concerns, as we are well-versed with the issues that might be faced during your logistics activities. Rest assured, your consignments are our responsibility; leave the worries to us!